Training Course “Social inclusion of Minorities through HRE” in Struga, Macedonia (Deadline 22.03.19)

Deadline: 22.03.19


Dates of the project: from 11th to 19th May 2019

Open Call for 2 Ukrainian participants, for a Training Course “Social inclusion of Minorities through HRE” in Struga (Macedonia), from 11th to 19th May 2019.

Deadline to apply – 22.03.2019

In recent years, a phenomenon that Europe has been facing is the rise of intolerance, hate, extremism, even violent attacks based on ethnical base. In contrast the negative political populism is also growing. In such political polarization, young people especially those with minority and migrant backgrounds are the most vulnerable. These appearances make even more complicated the social political inclusion of the migrants and minorities. Many reports, including the latest finding of FRA – Fundamental Rights Report 2018, are reflecting on the widespread socio-economic disadvantages of these groups of young people. Minority are victims of numerous and varied human rights violation.

The aim of the project is combat the human rights violation, prevent radicalization towards migrants and minorities by building capacities of youth workers and multiplayer on Human Right Education, Diversity and Tolerance.


• To increase participants knowledge about: HRE, social exclusion, intercultural dialogue and tolerance in youth work with migrants and minority people in order to prevent radicalization and human rights violations;
• To be aware of importance of cultural diversity on local, regional and international level and to develop skills and attitudes to motivate and actively involve migrant and minorities in human rights youth projects as preventing radicalization;
• To develop practical competencies in Non Formal Education-specifically in HRE methods with migrant and minority people;
• To develop a strong network and possibly plan for future cooperation focusing on cultural diversity and active participation of migrant and minorities in order to prevent radicalization.

Reimbursement limits:

275 euro – travel grant; 100% coverage of the hotel and food.

Organizational fee to NGO “Go On”: 40 euro.
Project participation fee to be paid at the training course for the hosting organization: 20 euro.

Find detailed info-pack…/1sge6i5jubsXzI1lhKdC–RzJs…/view… and send us your motivation letter in English to until 22.03.2019.

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