Local Journalism Innovation Initiative in Lviv. Day 4

It’s always a little bit sad when a good project ends. Local Journalism Innovation Initiative is a good project. It brings people together, broadens points of view, gives advice, makes you a better person and professional in the end.

Day 4 was all about our mutual project – a video that raises awareness of the importance of independent local journalism.

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The Local Journalism Innovation Initiative is a workshop organized by the Institute for Media and Communications Policy gGmbH and elda – European Leadership and Debate Academy. Funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office. The aim of this workshop is to identify concrete strategies for future financing, production, and marketing of journalism. The program consists of theoretical inputs, joint discussions and practical exercises on key competencies and challenges related to journalism in the 21st century

I’ve mentioned fireplace earlier, here’s the close-up view.

Some window view to set the scene.

We started the day with a group work about the ways to promote our project video.

People got really creative with ideas and basically set up an social media strategy any startup would be dying to have. We will promote with Twitter hashtags, Facebook groups, IGTV and Messenger Stories.


that thing


Saw some cute animals in the coffee shop windows in the process.

Made a tribute to our awesome Hotel George balcony.

Sergiy Pudich showed off his fantastic directorial skills (because you don’t just appear on IMDb, you earn it).

When there is a project there are the certificates.

Now you can see that I have actually participated in the seminar and wasn’t just a random guy who pretended to blog about the event he wasn’t a part of.

*drum roll

We have a world premiere of our project video.

You know what, you can see it too.

Here’s the video we’ve produced to support the independent local journalism in Ukraine (I wrote the end credits music in the Garage Band).

Please share it on social media and in your communities to raise awareness about the importance of the local media.

That’s it. LJII has come to an end and it was an unforgettable experience. Thanks for reading my blog diaries, I hope you found them interesting.

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