Local Journalism Innovation Initiative in Lviv diaries. Day 2

After the perfect introductory Day 1 the expectations were high. The project unfolded as a great platform to discuss the current issues with the local journalism in Ukraine as well as getting new perspectives from the experienced trainers.

The Local Journalism Innovation Initiative is a workshop organized by the Institute for Media and Communications Policy gGmbH and elda – European Leadership and Debate Academy. Funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The aim of this workshop is to identify concrete strategies for future financing, production, and marketing of journalism. The program consists of theoretical inputs, joint discussions and practical exercises on key competencies and challenges related to journalism in the 21st centur

We’re starting a new day. The first part is led by Leonard Novy.

The program is packed.

One of the main objectives of Local Journalism Innovation Initiative is to lead to the creation of the local journalism-themed project that would resonate with Ukrainian and international audience and make an impact in the community. Quite a substantial objective must I say.

That’s what differs this particular project from many other youth initiatives. The desire to actually bring change.

The first talk we have is about the importance of digital in the modern journalism.

As a travel blogger and travel writer who totally relies on the digital presence, I cannot overemphasize how crucial it is for the Ukrainian media outlets to get serious with their online. But the reality is, they’re struggling to make the ends meet with all the social media and advertising schemes online.

And they’re not alone, here is the curious US map showing the situation with the local newspapers. Hint: it’s alarming.

Red – no newspapers
Yellow – one newspaper

Next comes an active part you just can’t do a good project without. Jumping, stretching, having fun with one reason. To wake up (as nights may be long in Lviv when you’re awake and short when you have to sleep after being out).

Imagine entering the room by accident and seeing twenty adults jumping around. Must be fun.

The second part of the workshop today is all about storytelling. What a relevant thing to talk about. Christian Stahl takes the stage. Kills it with quotes.

Addresses the importance of it.

And guides through the process.

We talk about the power of storytelling and the danger of it being used in the wrong hands (wrong hands being mostly the populists who are ridiculously good in making up stories).

We discuss the absolutely essential storytelling technique called “The Hero’s Journey”. Basically, it’s a trope that is used in gazillion of books, movies and ads that sells and always sits well with people.

You should definitely check the whole concept on Wikipedia

Here’s the short overview.

Also, here’s a great TED-produced animation explaining the Hero’s Journey Christian showed us.

Social ads use it

Political campaigns use it.

We should use it too.

The rest of the day we spent discussing our group project.

Definitely not an easy task regarding our diverse group of professionals with different backgrounds. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to find the common ground and hopefully will shoot an awesome video next day.

The Day 2 ended with a super practical and useful seminar from a celebrated Ukrainian filmmaker Sergiy Pudich.

He shared tips on how to kill it with producing journalism on a mobile phone.

That was it for the workshop part. In other news, I’ve had a chance to admire the intricate architecture of our hotel.

As well as gaze at some Lviv panoramas.

Day 3 promises to be even better.

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